Monday, October 28, 2002

Oh i talked to my friend and he told me he only paid 300++ for his graduation studio pictures. I paid ard 1k. Can anyone say RIPPED OFF . Well they did provide really good service for me like buying packet drinks for me and holding open the door as i left the studio so that accounts for a little of the 700 dollars difference .... *Bert trying to justify the cost*

Got into an argument with my dad just now, he keeps telling me to go sign up for the driving lessons but the fucking problem is we dun have enough money! I already told him it will cost around 2k which i know he doesnt have but he keeps telling me to find out if i can pay like per lesson. Either way it costs ard 2k what so whats the fucking diff ! If you dun have the money you dun have the money ....Anyway im not gonna argue with him im gonna go down later and just get all the info from Ubi Driving Centre then just let him do what the hell he wants.

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