Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Just came back from Somerset, but the control they gave me was a different model from the one that i gave them and i forgot to check when i got it , fuck i hope it works cos i definitely do not wanna go down all the way back there again.

But it was a rather interesting trip, at least more interesting than i thought, at the mrt station there were these 2 old ladies who were heading towards the escalator that is going upwards towards the train and for some weird reason they were changed their mind and headed towards the escalator that is going downwards from the train which of cos they couldnt take,and then they came back to the escalator heading upwards again and took it. Please God kill me b4 i start doing senile stuff like that !

While waiting for the train, I sat beside a man who lifted his foot from his sandal and playing around with it , i''m serious ! It seems like he was like digging under his toenails for dirt or something it was just so damm gross ! Damm there's weird people everywhere!

Then in the train as i was sitting down this Indian gal sitting opposite of me started staring at me and i was like wondering why the hell she was doing that, i thought she was checking me out which would be probably the first time a gal ever did that to me! But then i realised that she did seem somewhat familiar but i just couldn't remember who she was. Finally it came to me that she was my distant cousin that i haven't seen in like god knows how many years . Anyway i went over and said hi and it was kinda nice you know, i mean talking to a member of the opp. sex after such a long time in captivity (i mean my home). But then i had to get off cos it was my stop and didn't have time to get her handphone number.

I been wanting to go out with this net friend of mine cos we been talking for quite a few months now and i think we get along pretty well so maybe we could like go out for a movie or something. But the problem is i already asked her once and got rejected so there is no way in hell im gonna ask her again. Anyway in my opinion i dun see whats the big deal cos in the worst case scenario if the date goes really badly we can always just laugh abt it online the next day rite , and if it goes well then we have fun. Oh well....

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