Tuesday, October 29, 2002

I was reading Audrey's new blog yesterday and got the shock of my life when she mentioned that my blog was really funny ! LMAO
That would be like the last word i would use to describe my blog .....But she seems like a pretty cool and fun gal, and those pictures she gave me of her and her cousins in the changing room were pretty cool..And nope i know what you guys are thinking, they were all fully clothed. : (

Woke up this morning to the loud din of my mom's voice complaining to my dad abt something i dun quite remember, its amazing that im in my room and shes in the kitchen and i still can hear her thats how loud her voice is. I think its a trait of older Indian women...Even in the tamil movies those Indian women talk so fucking loud that i just have to switch to another channel.

Gotta go down later to Somerset to change the remote control for my auntie's cable TV. I kept putting it off cos its damm fucking far you know and its kinda dumb just going down to town just to change a stupid remote control, i was waiting for a day where I was going there to watch a movie but then my dad started giving me the speech abt how our auntie helped us so much in the past and how we should be grateful and all that and i just started getting really sleepy so I just cut him off and told him i will be going today. Heh he was kinda pissed abt me cutting him off but he didnt say anything cos well i agreed to do what he said rite !

Read the funniest thing in today's newspaper. The PAS, which is the ruling party in the state of Kelantan are thinking of relaxing polygamy rules in the state because get this , "to solve the problem of single mothers " and that this women need "companionship and love" !! LOL Oh god have you heard anything more sexist in your life ? And of course this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that 2 state ministers were caught practicing polygamy illegally in the state recently. And then they try to justify it by saying they will whip any person who like abuses the law for the purposes of lust! Like HELLO what other reason do you think they will do it for ? Cos they really wanna help with the problem of single mothers in the state? YA right and im not handsome !

Listening to Beck's Odelay right now, I think its like probably like the hippest record i got in my collection, makes me shake my body uncontrollably whenever i listen to it and now i got it turned it up all the way to 12 on my hi-fi which believe me is damm fucking loud. Ahh the things you can do when you parents aren't around ....

Two of my friends just got into NCS (national computer systems) and im really happy for them..NOT! Fuck I'm better than them when it comes to programming skill, they know it and I know it and it pisses me off that they got in while i didnt even get a call to come down for a bloody interview! Yeah i know how un-PC it sounds ok but thats what im feeling rite now so screw PCness !
Ok got to head down to somerset now to get that stupid remote control now !

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