Wednesday, October 30, 2002

I don't know why i get so serious and uptight when it comes to net conversations. Yesterday i finally confessed to a net friend that i didnt like the fact that she kept replying to my messages with frivolous messages like ":)" or "hehe" and that i didn't like it because it made the conversations feel very one sided (as i was doing all the talking) and that i would rather hear her thoughts and opinions on what i say. I hope she wasn't too offended about it but i think she was. Oh well...

Another thing that I really dislike is people who take too long to reply. Ya i know its weird but it pisses me off. And i also get irritated when pple just go offline without giving me a chance to say bye. For me a net conversation is no different from a phone conversation. On the phone you say "bye" and wait for the other person to say "bye" before you hang up. But some of my net friends just say bye and go offline without giving me a chance to say bye as well. I mean it's like they are in such a rush that they can't even wait an extra minute for me to reply, whats up with that !. Ya i know i'm probably being a little too weird about this but i can't help it, thats how i feel.

I think the reason why i'm so uptight about net conversations is probably cos , as sad as it sounds, the only social interaction that i have right now. My social life is practically non-existent right now and its been even worse since i graduated. When i was studying i was too busy with school work and all that to really think abt my lack of a social life. But now that i got so much time on my hands, i realise how lonely my life is right now. And i also realised that i have not felt happy in a really long time, but i was too busy with school and stuff to realise it before.

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