Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Haha even in games i cant get laid! Been playing this game, Neverwinter Nights, and today this female convict i was hunting offered to sleep with me if i spare her life , so i RELUCTANTLY accepted. (hey i was playing an evil character ok i had no choice !) as soon as i got my kit off the bitch stabbed me ! Yes I know how pathetic it sounds so pls dun comment abt that thank you!

Met a really annoying catholic yesterday, you know the type who thinks they have to tell how great their religion is to anyone who isnt a Catholic. I tried to steer the conversation to something non-religious but it was really futile. I talked abt Lord Of the Rings and she's like "Tolkien is a Catholic and he was really happy when his son became a priest" ..and im thinking should i say something like 'Praise the Lord' ...Then she was like preaching abt true happiness and like theres many kinds of happiness and by that time it was like 3 am so i just said gdnite and went to sleep ...

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