Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Got this really weird letter from the army. It basically said that I have been posted to the G2 Branch of HQ 9DIV as an "Interrogator classified under Interrogation Cell" and that I have to attend this 'MI Course' on the 28th of April. Ya i got no idea what the hell it means either.

Met up with Wee at Bedok today, i was so tempted to tell him how much i hated the fact that he got into NCS but not me, but manage to supress it though. We talked for like an hour and a half and he drove me back home, sweet fellow...

Got an email from Roxy today, man its been so long since i talked to her so i was really glad that she emailed me. Haven't seen her online for such a long time that i was actually getting worried that something was wrong and was thinking of emailing her. It's pretty scary when you got no idea what happened to a net friend you have known for a while.

Lana Lang from Smallville is such a babe, I think it's her eyes, they just drive me wild !

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