Friday, September 13, 2002

Yesterday was my convocation , and it was pretty cool , i thought i looked pretty cute in my pretty convocation gown ! Took loads of pictures , ok not loads around 20+ pics with my friends and my parents. And I wanted to take this picture with this cute gal that i had a crush on couple years back but unfortuantely she kinda asked my other friend to join us i the pic damm ! oh well no worries i will just have to cut him out of the pic after i develop it *snicker* ....But i was really stressed the day b4 cos i couldnt find the damm convocation tickets and i was like turning the house upside down looking for them. Luckily i realised i left it at my sis's place so had to travel all the way there and back to get them ,took me like 3 hours ...sigh i dun know why i always do stuff at the last minute. And then i found out my mom forgot to sow the hooks on my gown and that got me even more stressed out cos i asked her to do it like 2 days ago ....Fortunately everything turned out fine in the end

Ok today is my bday , yup im 24 ...24 that seems so old yet i still feel like im 18 or something ......I mean i still wear the same type of clothes i did when i was 18 , ok maybe they are more tasteful now but still ard the same. No big plans for today , just gonna see Road to Perdition later with a gal friend of mine, heard its a great movie but damm couldnt they have chosen a better movie title or something ?
I downloaded and watched american beauty at ard 1 am in the morning and i loved it ! It was so engrossing and Kevin Spacey was really awesome as this burnt out 40 something husband guy with a really dsyfunctional family , his wife is so driven by success and material things that she totally ignores her family , and the daughter is so embarassed by him and his wife that she starts having a relationship with her creepy neighbour who films her every move...only complain i had was that spacey kind of gives away at the beginning of the movie that he was going to die , the ending would have been much more dramatic if i didnt know that.

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