Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ok it has been a pretty interesting week.....nope actually it was really crappy. The first gal i ever met off the net basically told me i creeped her out; yeah life doesn't get any better than that does it. Apparently i was invading her personal space and our meetings were very 'unnatural' and she said i assumed that she wanted to be friends in real life as well when she actually didnt.
Well here is the thing, after we met for the first time, i wasn't going to ask her or anything cos i thot it went pretty badly, She was the one who called me and asked me to go out with her again; so im kinda confused - if she just wanted to be online friends why the hell did she ask me out again ? and also why did she meet me again for breakfast after that? and also the last time we met she actually was suggesting going to play badminton; if it was that unnatural why would she even do that it just doesnt make any sense and yeah its been picking on my brain the last week. But I do not want to ask her about it cos it would probably make things weirder than they are.
But cant help having this feeling of regret cos i really liked her, she was this gal who went thro and still going thro a lot of crap in her life and is now a lot stronger for it, shes totally supporting herself eventhough shes studying which is much more than what i can say for my unemployed ass, and also a really kind gal who cares for others, i mean when she spend like 30 bucks on a birthday present for the kid she was giving tuition to, i was really impressed, it's probably something that i would never do. Basically she made me want to be a better person. Oh well thats life ain't it, just full of weirdos(i mean me) and disappointments

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