Monday, September 09, 2002

Monday morning and i had to go to the hospital for my skin problem. Got totally ripped off they took skin samples and did tests and all that crap and then came to the conclusion that i had dry skin and send me home packing with 2 jars of moisturers, what a total rip off cos it cost me $150 altogether.
Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, came back home and played CM for the whole afternoon, checked on my online job sites for any job vacancies but still no luck. Sigh i wonder how long its gonna take its been like 3 months already and i feel guilty sucking my parents dry of their money. Just my luck that i had to graduate from university in the middle of our country's worst economic recession, or at least the worst that I can remember.
Oh yeah downloaded another couple of tracks from the Queens of the Stone Age's new album Songs for the Deaf, this is really amazing stuff, best music i have heard this year. Hope to get my hands on the CD soon so i can play it on my hi-fi, listening to it on the computer just ain't the same thing. btw an interesting fact abt the Queens is that Dave Grohl is their new drummer and he does an awesome job. I never thot i would be into this kind of classic rock stuff but i guess im just really sick of nu metal rite now , most of the bands out now sound so generic and lacking any sort of passion in the music they play. Except Korn though, Untouchables rules !!! But Linkin Park, Limp Biskit and all that other crap i just hope they die out soon.

Albums I listened to today on my hi-fi:

1. Toxicity by System of a Down

2. Untouchables by Korn

3. Sources Codes and Tags by Trail of Dead

4. XX by Mushroomhead

5. Is This It by the Strokes

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