Sunday, September 29, 2002

Just Saw the sadddest movie i seen in a while ...Its Dancer in the Dark starring one of my fav musicians bjork.Thanks to my recently acquired broadband connection i manage to dl it although it took me like a week! anyway the wait was well worth it cos the movie is really something, bjork plays this factory worker from czechklosvakia who is losing her sight , its hereditary , so shes saving up money for an operation for her son so that he wun go blind as well. To escape this grim reality she daydreams that she is in a musical becos like she says , "nothing bad happens in a musical". halfway during the movie a quick succession of tragedies occur and her life rapidly takes a turn for the worse and her daydreams become more and more frequent cos thats the only way she can cope with them. The ending is really tragic and I couldnt help letting out a tear or two , it was just that painful to watch. I read that when this picture was awarded Best Picture at 2000 Cannes festival (Bjork got Best Actress) there were people who booed and jeered , cant really understand why !
I downloaded A Clockwork Orange yesterday gonna watch it later .....well nothing else to do also ......

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