Sunday, September 29, 2002

Just Saw the sadddest movie i seen in a while ...Its Dancer in the Dark starring one of my fav musicians bjork.Thanks to my recently acquired broadband connection i manage to dl it although it took me like a week! anyway the wait was well worth it cos the movie is really something, bjork plays this factory worker from czechklosvakia who is losing her sight , its hereditary , so shes saving up money for an operation for her son so that he wun go blind as well. To escape this grim reality she daydreams that she is in a musical becos like she says , "nothing bad happens in a musical". halfway during the movie a quick succession of tragedies occur and her life rapidly takes a turn for the worse and her daydreams become more and more frequent cos thats the only way she can cope with them. The ending is really tragic and I couldnt help letting out a tear or two , it was just that painful to watch. I read that when this picture was awarded Best Picture at 2000 Cannes festival (Bjork got Best Actress) there were people who booed and jeered , cant really understand why !
I downloaded A Clockwork Orange yesterday gonna watch it later .....well nothing else to do also ......

Monday, September 23, 2002

How can a gal who once made me as happy as i can remember, now can cause me such misery and pain? There was a time not too long ago when i couldnt wait to see or talk to her, i thought abt her all the time. Now all she seems to do is put me down , tell me how irritating i am or how sick she is of me .....I wish i never met her ....But anyway she is out of my life for good now , and vice versa. Only thing i have left of her is the book she lend me, its gonna be a painful reminder of what i went thro with her everytime i look at it.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Damm Man Utd lost again ! wtf man they are playing like crap and I almost cried when i saw Barthez flapping his arms like a dying bird trying to get to a cross , he is really out of form rite now. and the rest arent really much better , every promising attack broke up in the final third of the field and bloody nisterooy is like a big baby who keeps complaining to the referee everytime he falls to the ground, i mean get with the game man ! Hope Fergurson does something really soon or we might see the team failing to even get a top 3 position.
So had a pretty cool birthday yesterday, wati took me out for a nice dinner at delifrance and to watch Road to Perdition. And she even bought me a beautiful pen shes such a sweet person ! The movie was excellent, and it was really refreshing to see Tom Hanks take on a role of someone who is so bent on revenge that he doesnt care who he kills to get it, there was one scene where i was pretty sure he wouldnt kill the guy so i was kinda surprised when he did. However , i still prefer his previous feature American Beauty which i watched a few days ago, it was really funny and also every character in the movie was really engrossing to watch with their own little quirks.

Friday, September 13, 2002

This is my new blogchalk:
Singapore, Singapore, Chai Chee, English, Gilbert, Male, 21-25, Metal/Indie Music, Movies. :)
Yesterday was my convocation , and it was pretty cool , i thought i looked pretty cute in my pretty convocation gown ! Took loads of pictures , ok not loads around 20+ pics with my friends and my parents. And I wanted to take this picture with this cute gal that i had a crush on couple years back but unfortuantely she kinda asked my other friend to join us i the pic damm ! oh well no worries i will just have to cut him out of the pic after i develop it *snicker* ....But i was really stressed the day b4 cos i couldnt find the damm convocation tickets and i was like turning the house upside down looking for them. Luckily i realised i left it at my sis's place so had to travel all the way there and back to get them ,took me like 3 hours ...sigh i dun know why i always do stuff at the last minute. And then i found out my mom forgot to sow the hooks on my gown and that got me even more stressed out cos i asked her to do it like 2 days ago ....Fortunately everything turned out fine in the end

Ok today is my bday , yup im 24 ...24 that seems so old yet i still feel like im 18 or something ......I mean i still wear the same type of clothes i did when i was 18 , ok maybe they are more tasteful now but still ard the same. No big plans for today , just gonna see Road to Perdition later with a gal friend of mine, heard its a great movie but damm couldnt they have chosen a better movie title or something ?
I downloaded and watched american beauty at ard 1 am in the morning and i loved it ! It was so engrossing and Kevin Spacey was really awesome as this burnt out 40 something husband guy with a really dsyfunctional family , his wife is so driven by success and material things that she totally ignores her family , and the daughter is so embarassed by him and his wife that she starts having a relationship with her creepy neighbour who films her every move...only complain i had was that spacey kind of gives away at the beginning of the movie that he was going to die , the ending would have been much more dramatic if i didnt know that.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Monday morning and i had to go to the hospital for my skin problem. Got totally ripped off they took skin samples and did tests and all that crap and then came to the conclusion that i had dry skin and send me home packing with 2 jars of moisturers, what a total rip off cos it cost me $150 altogether.
Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, came back home and played CM for the whole afternoon, checked on my online job sites for any job vacancies but still no luck. Sigh i wonder how long its gonna take its been like 3 months already and i feel guilty sucking my parents dry of their money. Just my luck that i had to graduate from university in the middle of our country's worst economic recession, or at least the worst that I can remember.
Oh yeah downloaded another couple of tracks from the Queens of the Stone Age's new album Songs for the Deaf, this is really amazing stuff, best music i have heard this year. Hope to get my hands on the CD soon so i can play it on my hi-fi, listening to it on the computer just ain't the same thing. btw an interesting fact abt the Queens is that Dave Grohl is their new drummer and he does an awesome job. I never thot i would be into this kind of classic rock stuff but i guess im just really sick of nu metal rite now , most of the bands out now sound so generic and lacking any sort of passion in the music they play. Except Korn though, Untouchables rules !!! But Linkin Park, Limp Biskit and all that other crap i just hope they die out soon.

Albums I listened to today on my hi-fi:

1. Toxicity by System of a Down

2. Untouchables by Korn

3. Sources Codes and Tags by Trail of Dead

4. XX by Mushroomhead

5. Is This It by the Strokes

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ok it has been a pretty interesting week.....nope actually it was really crappy. The first gal i ever met off the net basically told me i creeped her out; yeah life doesn't get any better than that does it. Apparently i was invading her personal space and our meetings were very 'unnatural' and she said i assumed that she wanted to be friends in real life as well when she actually didnt.
Well here is the thing, after we met for the first time, i wasn't going to ask her or anything cos i thot it went pretty badly, She was the one who called me and asked me to go out with her again; so im kinda confused - if she just wanted to be online friends why the hell did she ask me out again ? and also why did she meet me again for breakfast after that? and also the last time we met she actually was suggesting going to play badminton; if it was that unnatural why would she even do that it just doesnt make any sense and yeah its been picking on my brain the last week. But I do not want to ask her about it cos it would probably make things weirder than they are.
But cant help having this feeling of regret cos i really liked her, she was this gal who went thro and still going thro a lot of crap in her life and is now a lot stronger for it, shes totally supporting herself eventhough shes studying which is much more than what i can say for my unemployed ass, and also a really kind gal who cares for others, i mean when she spend like 30 bucks on a birthday present for the kid she was giving tuition to, i was really impressed, it's probably something that i would never do. Basically she made me want to be a better person. Oh well thats life ain't it, just full of weirdos(i mean me) and disappointments