Friday, August 02, 2002

Ok today is going to be a pretty boring still reinstalling all my software on my new hard disk which the dell fellow gave on tuesday....and for some reason while im doing that im listening to Coldplay's Troubles again and again and again ....Dun know why i love this song so much cos they basically ripped off Radiohead's sound but hell yeah i love it........Went out with Ivan to the gym yesterday and a movie afterwards.... Saw a pretty hot looking gal in the gym there that made me work out that much harder but now im feeling the pain and kinda regretting it :( after that went to watch Bend It Like Beckham , pretty funny movie but the shittiest thing happened while we were watching the show this kid sneaked up to our row peeked at us and went back to his friends and they all started giggling like the idiots they were .....anyway they were sec school kids so i figured no point confronting them .....but it really pissed me off .ok later i got to go sign up for my advanced thery test but just damm lazy to go cos no one is at home so just feel like lazing ard at home with no one to nag at me ........oh well maybe i will go to the library instead much nearer ...see how lah .......damm i got to stop typing "......" ......ok thats all i got to say now .......

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