Tuesday, December 31, 2002

A gal from the company i went for interview for called me today to tell me that she regretted to inform me that i didnt make the cut. Yeah thanks woman for picking New Year's Eve to tell me this , now im feeling really moody about it ...anyway doesnt matter cos its not like im going to go out and celebrate new year also, probably gonna countdown at home with my 2 dogs , probably try to get them to bark once the clock hits midnight or something.

Saturday, December 28, 2002

Met Faith today to exchange Xmas presents; she bought for me Time to Kill by John Grisham and i got for her a gift pack from Body Shop (thanks to Di for the idea) . Heh now i got so many books to read , still got 3 harry potter novels left and so far i only read like the first 2 chapters of the Philosopher's Stone. Oh ya i was waiting for Faith at City Hall MRT and saw this pretty volouptous ang moh gal wearing a teensy singlet and no bra and basically her boobs were on full display...sigh those ang mohs are a really daringbunch aren't they ? If only more local gals dressed like that ; the world would be a much happier place! Ya ya i'm a perv i know so sue me !

We went for lunch at Ganges, an indian vegetarian restaurant upon my request cos i decided I'm gonna try to eat healthy at least when i'm outside. But when i got back home i had like 3 slices of rich chocolate log cake that was in the fridge..ok ok 4 slices happy ! What to do , chocolate is my kyptonite when i see it i can't help but feel this urge to have it ! :( I think i would do ANYTHING, and i mean ANYTHING to get chocolate so any gals reading this you might wanna take note in case you wanna take advantage of the Stallion ...yeah dun tell me the thought has never crossed your mind ok ! ;)

Went to watch Blue Crush after that ; some of the lines in the movie were plain corny and really made me cringe but overall the movie was ok , mindless and generic plot but still pretty fun; cos the surf scenes were amazing and the lead actress was quite a hottie also.

Friday, December 27, 2002

Oh man my parents went to the market , had thosai for breakfast at the hawker centre there but didnt even think abt buying some back for me !! Unbelievable !
Alright yesterday my mom's ayam masak merah also went bad! I think its because someone used the same ladle on that dish and the catered food on Xmas day so the bacteria got transferred. It kinda sucked cos there was like a lot of it left but no choice had to throw it away. I told my dad to give his bloody friend (the one we catered the food from) a piece of his mind but he's like "let it be" ....pfff he should be the Fifth Beatle or something!

Other than that it was a great day cos i met up with my long lost cousin Shirley who i havent seen like in 8 over years ; she came with her folks to my house yesterday. We used to be really close when we were kids cos back then my family stayed at her home for a couple of years, so it was really nice to catch ya with her and see how's shes doing and stuff. Even got her on my msn messenger so hopefully we can keep in touch ....

We all then went to my aunt's place later at night and i met up with Cecelia and Damian my other cousins as well ..So all in all it was a pretty good day, compared to my usual day where i just rot at home! Hopefully this happens more often!

Thursday, December 26, 2002

OK well so what happened on Xmas day ...well for starters a lot of people told my sister that i put on a hell lot of weight which was reallly depressing but it was true. OK so my New Year resolution is to get rid of my baby or at least reduce it by a sizable amount. For those who are clueless my baby is my tummy :) . Im gonna head down to the bball court everyday and like shoot hoops or something for a start ! Anyway I have to also cos my reservist training is in April and i dun wanna go into it unfit cos it would be that much harder then. Oh and i gotta see my cousins Slyvester (although i call him Silver since we were kids) and Damien so that was pretty cool although they didn't stay that long. My mom was pretty unhappy with the way Silver looked cos he was like having an eyebrow ring and stuff, and she was like 'im glad you didnt turn out like that" ...She can be so shallow sometimes.

Hmm just wondering is it considered perverted to think that your 17 year old distant cousin is a total babe cos she is ! She has one of those eyes that those Hindi actresses have , the kind of eyes that sparkle ...all the chicks i dig are either attached or too young or related to me or think I'm creepy ....sigh ....

Oh ya the catered food that my dad ordered from his working colleague went bad by evening; think cos they probably cooked it like the day b4 in the morning. Well hope he learns his lesson and not be so easily influenced by people next time; but i doubt it cos this kinda thing happened like countless times b4 , he can be so naive .
Ok today aka Xmas day was tiring and depressing ...WIll blog abt it tommorow cos im dead beat !

Tuesday, December 24, 2002

At my sister's house today; met her at Causeway Point to buy out clothes for Xmas. It kinda sucked cos there were a few clothes that i really liked but they didn't have my size. It's like prejudice against big-boned people or something. But the thing abt those full length mirrors in the changing rooms is they made me realised how much weight i put on! Really need to do something abt it ASAP or pretty soon i have to call myself the Indian Hippo or something. Anyway managed to find 2 decent tees in my size which i bought.
By that time it was around 10 pm so i decided to stay over at her place ; and so now here I am. But i can feel a cold coming over me , feeling kinda hot and also my running nose is getting worse; hope that clears up by Xmas day. Hmm kinda strange last 2 days not a lot of people online at night ...so boring no one to talk to and I'm not sleepy yet. Oh well i guess I'm gonna play TNET then.

Saturday, December 21, 2002

Met a net friend today at Siglap , she was nice enuff to meet me to pass me her harry potter books ! Thanks love ! I lended her 2 CDs of mine , Foo Fighters's There is Nothing Left to Lose and my treasured Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions. Sigh i'm gonna miss that CD been listening to it everyday the past week. Hope she likes them !

Friday, December 20, 2002

Hmm just realised this year has been kinda disappointing in terms of music i listened to. I haven't heard any album this year that completely blew me away and that is something very unusual for me . For last year that album was Relationship of Command by At the Drive-In; For 2000 it was Slipknot's self titled.
Listened to a couple of great albums this year , the best of which was Korn's Untouchables and Queens of the Stone Age's Songs for the Deaf but they still have their flaws. But I haven't bought a lot of albums this year compared to last year mainly cos of the lack of funds .
Can't wait till i get a job, i think i will probably be buying like 2 - 3 CDs a month at least once I do .Until then MP3s have to do. But the biggest disappointment this year has to be Creed's Weathered , when i heard it i couldn't imagine how a band i used to love can put out crap like that . I think i gave it like 10 listens before i gave up; probably the worst album i heard in a while. Btw i'm willing to let it go for 10 bucks so if anyone is interested contact me ok.(it comes with a free VCD of some of their music videos)

Just saw the last hour of Survivor , i totally forgot that this was the season finale so i missed the first hour when Helen got voted off. But the grilling by the jury on Clay and the other guy was really brutal. Well of cos it's all ego. I mean almost everyone did lie to someone one time or another ,but when they get lied to and it resulted in them getting voted off they get all defensive and self-righteous and using words like honestly, decency and self-respect ...Hypocrites everyone of them! Hope Clay loses i really dun like that lazy ass.

Thursday, December 19, 2002

Ok i dun like to use this word but dammit Flo is a bitch ! I have no idea how Zach puts up with her cos when i watch her on TV i already get so pissed ! She's like a little kid throwing stupid dumbass tantrums all the time and blaming Zach for any screw up that happens. Just now she wanted to give up on the race because she didnt think she could take a 24 hr ride on the train ! I mean jesus you are in a race for a million dollars , suck it up and stop whining! Well thats what I would have told her if I was Zach , but he was like so patient and accomodating; i really have to tip my hat off to him.He should get like an award or something just for putting up with her.
I am such an idiot ..i didn't know that today was the finale so after the first hour of the amazing race i switched off the tv ....then i switch it on at 5 just in time to see the winners being congratualted !! now gotta watch it in the evening again but i already know who is gonna win ...idiot !
Arrgh bloody stupid TCS ..i was so looking forward to watch the babe-fests Charmed and Smallville on Ch 5 yesterday night but they got pre-empted and instead I was treated to a soccer match where Malaysia trashed us 4-0 ....

Wednesday, December 18, 2002

Ok just came back from my interview at this company thats working for Mindef. Didn't go too well the test that they gave me was pretty hard It was about networking and machine language code and stuff that i havent touched like forever. But at least i did better than the guy next to me ; he even had trouble just filling in his personal particulars form :) And also the other candidates were like so unfriendly ; i was chatting with one of them but he had to go soon after but the others were like so reluctant to talk to me...but well the indian stallion does intimidate most men so can't really blame them also. After i finished the test , or at least finished as much as i could i had to wait like over an hour before they called me for interview which was kinda unprofessional in my opinion; i mean i was on time so why can't they also !

Got interviewed by 3 pple including one chio bu who i was like kinda making eyes at throughout the interview ...i could swear she was looking at me lustily also ....or hmm maybe she looked annoyed i couldn't really tell also. Probably shouldn't have done that but hey i'm a guy ! Anyway they looked at my test results and didnt seem too impressed so i think that was that. After that the chio bu lead me out of the office and said she will call me in a week or so. Damm should have asked for her phone number or something ! : ( Anyway i think i need to get new pants; its so weird its like all my pants shrank at the same time incredibly bizarre i tell ya !

Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Arrgh dad pissed me off again!! My aunt still hasn't come down to collect my old PC that my dad so generously gave to her for free eventhough she already has 1 ; so now my dad wants me to bring the PC to her in Yishun !! Like i got nothing better to do ! I mean you give people stuff for free thats one thing ; but if they can't be bothered to come down and get it why the fuck should you bring it to them ...and i got fucked when i told him that ...

Well he brought it there himself...and also brought along our bike and carrom board to my aunt .....wonder whats next

Went to the provision shop just now and the shopkeeper tells me that his daughter is working at Hongkong Bank might have vacancies at the bank and he will ask her if can get me in ...isn't that like the nicest thing !?

Uggh yesterday's Fear Factor was the worst yet ..i mean eww pig's uterus; can't get worse than that !
Went to OCBC today to deposit some money for my sis ...the damm queue was like so long i think i was in it for like almost 40 minutes ..sigh the things you do for your sis ...
Was kinda pissed at my dad today; he sometimes seems so naive ...he ordered catered food for christmas from a 'friend' it costed him ard 300 bucks ..but the stupid thing is that they dun deliver the food which is so freaking ridiculous and the guy lives in woodlands which is like so damm far....and catered indian food usually sucks 9/10 times , speaking from experience , and also i was so looking forward to my mom's ayam masak merah ..i hope the food isn't gonna suck but im not holding my breath. Now Dad says he's gonna try get back the money and cancel the order ..well good luck with that.

Sunday, December 15, 2002

Got called up for an interview for a company at Science Park which is just beside NUS .....but there is gonna be an hour long test to see how my programming skills are ..hope I dun screw this up like i did for the other one.....
Spend the whole day listening repeatedly to Led Zeppelin's BBC Sessions , a 2 CD set of their performances for BBC in the late 60s; its simply amazing . Anyone who loves the sound of the electric guitar should get this ....the amazing solos by Jimmy Page are like orgasm-inducing; in my opinion he's the best guitarist ever , yes i think even better than Hendrix. Add to that Bonham's booming drumming and Plant's amazing voice and ...well you just gotta listen to it for yourself. At least check out the song "Since I've been Loving You" ...its amazing that a band that was playing before i was even born can still so fresh and relevant today , not in the slightest bit outdated.

One more thing . i wished people would stop saying stuff to me like "Don't give up looking for a job" or " Are you jobless because the market is bad or you aren't trying hard enuff" or "you better get a job before the next batch graduates". I swear im gonna fuck the next person who says that to me. They might mean well but it really gets on my nerves so pls don't. I am not going to give up cos that is not a viable option so people do NOT need to remind me. And the other 2 are so dumb I won't even justify them.

Fav Lyrics of the day :

"Squeeze my lemon ...until the juice runs down my leg..." - Led Zeppelin

Thursday, December 12, 2002

Got an email from this company which i applied for; basically I have to give them a short essay on Grid Computing and what i know about it. Well i know nothing about it so probably gonna spend tommorow to go read up on it ...i think it has something to do with grids and computers though ;) .
Other than that i would describe today as a complete waste of life.

Tuesday, December 10, 2002

Ok Yesterday started off really crappy. I got asked to go for an interview , a temp job at this company at tanglin shopping center ...the pay was pretty good 7.50 an hour and renewed monthly. Anyway they were impressed by my resume but they gave me a test ...which was to modify a html page into a form page and using javascript to validate it ...its actually very simple i did it b4 for my school project but i screwed up , there was this damm javacript error and i couldnt fint the source of it ...so that went my chances of getting the job.

After that went to Borders and listened to some new CDs at the music section which made me feel a whole lot better. I have to get the White Stripes new CD, White Blood Cells . Some of you might remember the brother and sister band from their performance at the MTV Video Awards earlier this year , they were surrounded by fans dressed in red and white during their gig. Check out the song "Fell in Love With a Girl" if you wanna try its amazing!

Listened to Audioslave's new one also too , the band formed by the ex-members of Rage Against the Machine(imo the only rap metal band with any cred that puts crap bands like Limp Biskit and Linkin Park to shame) and the frontman of Soundgarden who replaces Zack de la Rocha. Well have to say was kinda disappointed , Chris Cornell's vocals lack the intensity and the rage of Zack's vocals and also his lyrics arent really that great also compared to Zack's political rants.

An interesting logic puzzle :

Alright, there are 3 pple who got caught on a pirate ship. They were supposed to be killed but the captain gave them a chance. He has 4 caps, 2 white and 2 blacks. He made all 3 lined up and threw one cap in the sea. With the remaining caps, he put one on each person's head. The first person can only see the cap in the sea. The second person can only see the first person's cap. The 3rd person can see both pple's caps. The captain then said "If you can guess the colour of your own cap correctly, all will be set free." There was a silence then the 2nd person answered correctly. Why is it the second person and how did he answer it correctly?

Sunday, December 08, 2002

Finally me and Dad got to putting up the xmas decorations and it was worse than i expected. I was seriously pissed off by the time we stopped work at around 5. Dun feel like going into the details ...anyway i always get pissed when working with my dad so nothing new . And still not done got another day to go ..Well 1 thing was my dad played this horrible music on the stereo while we were working ...first CD was like the music you hear during Chinese New Year at those shopping centres; you know those happy bouncy crappy tunes with the traditional chinese instruments....CD2 was songs like Quit Playing Games by Backstreet Boys and other crappy love ballads; but the catch is they were sung by Filipino singers not the original artists which made it sound even worse ! I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at one point.Dun understand why anyone would wanna listen to that do you ?

Saturday, December 07, 2002

Had a really strange dream last night and the amazing thing is that it was so vivid i can remember almost ever part of it; and thats very rare for me cos i rarely remember my dreams. Even weirder was it was about a net friend i never even met before. It started off very nicely but then suddenly turned into a nightmare; the net friend in question jumped to her death and i was totally freaking out. Wonder what it means ....

Wednesday, December 04, 2002

So finally brought Boy to the vet today and got the medicine for his skin problem. Think he's gonna be ok in a week or so.But he yelped really loudly when he got his injection, scared me for a second. Oh and something really funny happened just now , my dad brought a couple of his friends back home and Boy got so excited that he got a hard-on which was really obvious although his friends were like trying their best to pretend not to notice. And then Boy's semen was like dripping all over the floor and my dad was like trying to clean it up, it was pretty funny stuff : )

Hmm not sure why theres this syntax error on my blog site ...been trying to fix it but so far cant pinpoint the problem. Any HTML experts there who can help me out ?

In my CD Player today :
1. Untouchables by Korn
2. Follow the Leader by Korn
3. End Hits by Fugazi

Tuesday, December 03, 2002

Sigh i'm less and less inclined to blog nowdays ...just nothing interesting in my life right now worth typing about. Today i spend like 4 hours playing this tetris game. Finally reached the target of 60 pieces per minute after 3 days ; had a bet with a net friend she thought i couldnt do it but i proved her wrong !
OMG I just realised i really need to get a life....

I will not be working with my sis at her hotel after all, she told me there aren't any vacancies left anymore at the moment and asked me to try the banquet deparment ...but audrey told me that that being a banquet waiter is a much tougher job for the same pay , u serve much more people and the trays are much heavier....Well maybe i will just give it a try, see how .

Monday, December 02, 2002

A net friend of mine finally met her net friend who came all the way from USA just to see her ! And they totally clicked and he's now gonna come down here to work so that he can be with her. I'm really happy for her, hope it works out for the both of them. I was worried for her before she met him cos was well cos online relationships can never substitute for the real thing in my opinion , u could totally click with someone over the net but that doesnt mean u will be as compatible in real life , i learned that the hard way.

Well my dad is starting Xmas early this year by playing Santa Claus, hes giving away my old pc to my aunt for free eventhough she already has 1...i wanted to keep the hard disk (cos its brand new) and install it in my dell PC but well he wouldn't hear of it. Well thats my dad, always puts others before family.

Friday, November 29, 2002

Another pretty uneventful day , played online scrabble with a net friend for a couple of hours and got trashed like nobody business...damm you know that "ef" is actually a word ??? I mean i checked it out and it means "f" . Err very dumb if you ask me. And is there such a word as purer ? Ok pure means "without any impurities" rite ...so what does purer mean ??
Somebody please tell me! Maybe someone who is an English major ? ;)
So went to see the movie 'The Phone' with a net friend today; i found it so boring but she was scared stiff , I actually had more fun watching her hiding behind her jacket ! Abt the movie well it steals from the Ring and What Lies Beneath and there are like 2 scenes that scared me thats about it. And also the director keeps showing flashbacks to the past in the movie , but there is no indication they are flashbacks and i got confused sometimes whether i was watching a scene from the present or the past. Highly NOT recommended!

Wednesday, November 27, 2002

I don't know why im even posting this : (

What Kind of Virgin Are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Just took this quiz for the fun for it(Yes i know i'm not a woman). And I think it describes me extremely well :)
Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?

brought to you by Quizilla

Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Alamak just found out that I can change the words for my haloscan comments...I was trying to figure out for weeks how to do that cos i seen other people do it. Well like my mom used to say: "You learn new things everyday". Of course she said it in Tamil, her english isn't that good. But I dun know how to write in Tamil so i can't write that here. But even if I wrote it in Tamil I still have to translate it to English so that my fans can understand so it will be pointless. Sigh why can't everyone in the world just speak one language!
Another day, another disappointment. Faith told me that her colleague isn't too impressed with my grades; said he expected better. So basically that's the end of that. Honestly i have to say I'm really disappointed that I didn't get an interview; i know that I'm a really good Java Programmer; all I need now is some employer to give me a chance to show it. Just gotta keep looking until I find that person.

I am jet black.
I am stone cold.
Jet black to the center.
Funny like a funeral.
I need you to bury me.

Jet Black by Jawbreaker

Monday, November 25, 2002

Uggh the Bachelor is so disgusting. The guy goes to a different gal every night and makes out with them and at the end of the date he asks them whether they wanna spend the night together. And yet i still can't not watch it. I think Shannon is gonna get voted out cos she's the only one who is upset about the fact how sleazy it the whole scenarion was and not letting him get his way with her. Well no one forced her to join the show right.....

Ah-ha I was right, Shannon was the one asked to leave; So that leaves the other 2 gals, the one who admitted her boobs were fake and the other one whose boobs are probably fake. And Shannon can still ask the guy why she was voted off. Of course he said because it was they were 2 very different people yada yada. Hello it's because he didnt get past first base with her unlike the other 2. But wonder she even joined the show; must be a little thick in a head if you ask me.
I hate to be in a conflict with someone. Most of the time when something like that happens I try to resolve it as soon as possible and just move on. I guess its because i believe that life is short and you never know what might happen tommorow also; for all I know I might get hit by a car or something and die. And as weird and morbid as it sounds, I wanna die without any unresolved conflicts in my life. But of cos its easier said than done; sometimes you just can't forgive someone for something they did to us no matter how hard we try , and even more so if they aren't remorseful about it and think they didn't do anything wrong.

What's the meanest you can be to the one you claim to love
And still smile to your new found friends?
In the same confusing breath,
You pull away and draw me in.
I wanted you. You wanted more.

Accident Prone by Jawbreaker

Sunday, November 24, 2002

Visited a gal's blog. Her mom was caught in a serious motorbike accident and now she might not be able to walk. Kinda makes you realise how unpredictable life is; all it takes is one unforseen tragedy to turn your whole world upside down. And it also made me put my problems in perspective. I'm forever whining abt my lack of job opportunities and how boring my life is but maybe i should be grateful for the good things in my life, that i am healthy and that my family is healthy also. I think it's just human nature to focus on the negative aspects of our lives rather than the positive aspects. Well at least its mine.
Hmm read this at Soccernet just now ...
"But eventually all Everton's hard work produced the goal they deserved when they finally took the lead on 35 minutes as Li Tie surged from his own half, won the ball and chipped it on for Radzinski, who laid it back to the charging Chinaman."
Ok I'm no expert in the English language but Chinaman sounds a little racist to me, shouldn't the correct term be Chinese ?

Saturday, November 23, 2002

The stallion is not happy today. Still feeling the effects of the pizza yesterday and my stomach/ass has been hurting like hell since I got up. But still went to Hafeez's house to scan my transcripts and stuff to send to Faith's colleague but when i got back one of the floppies i saved into couldnt work. Isn't it amazing how technology has ignored the floppy. CD-ROM, CPUs and almost everything else is faster and better but not the floppy. i mean I'm sure there is a way to increase the durability/speed/size of the floppy right its been the same since i first started using the PC which was like in December 98. Anyway i left a message on Hafeez's mobile to email me the pics on the spoiled copy, hope he sends it to me as soon as possible.
Got a shock of my life when Audrey called me on my handphone yesterday, I thought something bad happened cos we never talked on the phone before. Well thankfully i was wrong ...lol i think shes like the chirppiest person i ever met, she's like so hyper and sounds so cheerful ! She was telling me how excited she was about me coming to join her at work and how great it's gonna be with me there! Sigh talk abt pressure; i dun know .....hope I don't disappoint her too much.

I wish I could sleep.
But I can't lay on my back.
Because there's a knife
For everyday i knew you

The Speed of Pain by Marilyn Manson

Friday, November 22, 2002

Faith forwarded my resume to one of her senior colleagues and he likes what he saw on my resume! Tommorow i'm heading down to Hafeez's place to scan my transcripts and send it to him. Hope i get it because from what Faith told me it seems like a great working enviroment very casual and friendly! Well just have to see how it goes.....but dun wanna get my hopes up too much cos did that way too much the past few months and i just got really disappointed when those opportunities did't materialise.

I ordered Canadian Pizza , ate too much and now my stomach feels so bloated and feel like puking ...dammit !!
Ok you guys , check out this story of a net friend of mine , Fern , it's pretty good if i say so myself. btw there are 5 chapters to the story so dun be a cock like me and think theres only 1 page of it ok !
Here it is ....Nature's Goodness!
And review it if you can alright ! I tried but it doesn't work for me .......

Thursday, November 21, 2002

Sigh another boring day ...finally submitted the application for Sun Microsystems , the due date is 2 days away. Snail mail is so leceh (tedious for non singaporeans) , i mean we live in the IT age now why waste time and money with stamps and envelopes! I even had to fill in the application form by hand cos it was stated explicitedly..ya like my handwriting is a clue to what kind of employee i would be .. Dumbasses !
Oh ya and i had to provide details abt my parents's occupations and my sister's also, again why the fuck does that matter !

I guessed my dad changed his mind about putting up the xmas decorations today cos he didnt wake me up.. Thank god ! Now all i got to do is pray for the hotel job to start soon so i dun need to help him ..ya ya you might think its really selfish of me but you haven't worked with my dad b4 . do that and you will know what i mean.

Other than that spend a good part of the day talking to Faith and doing the daily boring household chores ....i wonder if they have those mousewheels for people, u know the one where the hamster or mouse runs in;; then i could get into one of them and just run all day long; at least that would occupy my time and keep me from dying of boredom.

I wish TCS would just cancel all its local productions cos come on they really suck. Living with Lydia stars ...err ...this rather large Hongkong actress with a horrible haircut who has the most annoying way of speaking English in my opinion; she stresses every words i mean whats up with that. Phua Chu Kang used to be funny but now its just really tired and they seem to be rehashing the same old jokes again...And lets not forget First Touch the local medical drama that takes place in a maternity hospital which strangely looks nothing like a maternity hospital maybe cos its just a cheap tacky set . Bring back ER u losers !!

Favourite angsty lyrics of the day :

Fuck it all! Fuck this world!
Fuck everything that you stand for!
Don't belong! Don't exist!
Don't give a shit!
Don't ever judge me!

Surfacing by Slipknot

Wednesday, November 20, 2002

Ok so meet Wee and Ivan for lunch today at BK , talked cock for a couple of hours and then walked around tampines ...Ix Shen and one other TCS celebrity were at McDonalds for some charity thingy so the BK outlet was really empty !

Oh ya yesterday at Suntec i saw the strangest sight; people standing having their dinner on tables that had no chairs having their dinner ! Well a friend told me it was pretty common nowdays but I dun know just seemed strange and a little cruel...but thats me.

I should be starting very soon at the hotel; my sis called me and told me to get prepared. Hope I dun screw it up !

Hmm Lana Lang doesn't look like her usual hot self in today's Smallville episode.....something's different maybe it's her make up or something. Gonna have to write to her about that ....btw I don't care if you are Superman, no one misses a Radiohead concert to save his best friend's life !!!

My dad just told me thatwe have to wake up early at 8 am tommorow to do the Christmas decorations for our house....guess he forgot that Christmas is still more than A MONTH AWAY. And every year its the same boring streamers and lights at the same places ....sigh ...Christmas at my house stopped being fun a long time ago; dun know why we even bother.
Easy Way to achieve Nirvana at Night by Indian Stallion

Step 1 : Switch off the lights

Step 2 : Put in the Homogenic CD by Bjork in Hi-Fi or Discman

Step 3 : Lie on Bed

Step 4: Press Play on CD Player

Step 5: Descend into Nirvana

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Ok so i met Faith and she was really nice, even treated me to dinner , actually i wanted to treat her cos her bday was tommorow but she insisted.. :) heh but i was really tempted to roll my eyes when she described the music i listen to as 'heavy metal' but fortunately resisted the urge. Oh ya and she gave me the 'Dangerous Liasons' VCD in exchange for my three Janet Jackson CDs. Thats like the movie i been looking for since i was 5, but its censored so I won't get to see Uma Thurman's boobs ..sigh...After that we went to meet Xing and his friend Marcus, the one i thought wanted to hire me. But turned out to be a complete waste of time cos he wasn't the least bit interested in talking to me, spend more time talking to his gf ! I already knew that he wasn't interested when he talked to me over the phone few days earlier; basically after he found out that I didn't know VB/ASP he cut the conversation short. And I told Xing about it but he told me it's ok and to come for the meeting anyway. Now it just seemed like a waste of my time.

CDs I listened to today:
1. Dummy by Portishead
2. Homogenic by Bjork ( LISTEN TO THIS AT NIGHT ITS AMAZING!!)
3. Brighten the Corners by Pavement
4. The Stone Roses (self-titled)
5. Toxicity by System of A Down
6. Sparkle and Fade by Everclear
Ok gonna meet Fayth for the first time at Suntec later. Cos Xing wants to meet us both at once regarding the job offers he has for us; He's looking for a web designer for his company website so i recommended her to him. And his friend Marcus just started an IT company so he's looking for people to join him so i'm gonna meet him later. Kinda nervous cos my previous two off the net meetings were not really what i would call successes ...met Sharon which went horribly wrong and Indu who told me within 10 minutes of meeting me that my dressing was really DULL : (

Monday, November 18, 2002

Damm the bloody server for Shi Yang's JSP server is so unstable works one sec and screws up the next. Gonna try and set up a server on my com so that he can show his boss the project but I totally forgot how to set up the Tomcat server ! Other than that did nothing much talked to Faith and Pei Ying , a new net friend I just met recently, she seems like a pretty nice gal. Speaking of net friends wondering what happened to Di, haven't seen her for like almost a week. It feels kinda strange when you see someone almost everyday and suddenly they don't come online for a while ...anyway she's probably busy with her packing and getting her student visa and stuff. Gonna go see Harry Potter this wednesday with Ivan and Wee (hopefully) heard generally great things about it. Just hope we can get tickets. Oh ya watched Star Wars and Scream 3 on Ch 5 yesterday; Star Wars was as great as i remembered it I can't believe the number of people who haven't seen this classic! Scream 3 was really awful and just so damm boring, which is really shocking considering how good the first one was.

Sunday, November 17, 2002

Woohoo just finished debugging this JSP Project i'm doing for Shi Yang; it's like this online engineering quiz. Anyway been working on it for a while now but after the operation i had a few months ago i kinda lost interest in it, also dun know why. Anyway last couple of days I have been working really long and hard to make it work and now it's almost done, just a few things left to sort out depending on what Shi Yang wants. But feel quite shiok when i finally got it to work, it's almost like an orgasm i tell you. I think I'm gonna call myself the JSP King from now on ...Screw you NCS for not hiring me; next time when im rich and famous i'm gonna make it my personal mission to bring you down !! *laughs like Dr. Evil*
Note to myself : You seriously need help, geek !

Online Engineering Quiz
Went to the market around 9 am with my mom today, cos i had to deposit money into Theresa's bank account which was right beside the market so i figured i might as well go with her. Made an interesting observation : All the women at the market were at least in their late 30s, did'nt see anyone younger than that ! Hmm wonder why....

OK been playing around with Photoshop 7 today, and its really fun ! Tried this cool effect on my Manson banner above , if you wanna see it all you got to do is move your mouse over it.: ) Pretty cool rite ! Have to thank my mentor Faith for inspiring me to learn this : ) Thanks love ! OK well maybe its not much but hey I just started give me a couple of weeks at least alright !

Kinda worried about going to work at the hotel cos i'm afraid it might jeopardise the relationship I have with Auds. I mean we get along fairly well now, afraid things might change if we started working together, like it will get all awkward and weird or something. She seems pretty excited abt working with me and i'm kinda afraid that well i might not live up to her expectations of what she thinks i am like in real life...Oh well just gotta wait and see i guess...But Theresa was saying that she's really popular at the hotel, and shes picking up things so fast that they dun believe she's never worked in a job like this before. Sheesh talk about pressure !
Theresa called me and told me I would probably be able to start working with her at the end of the month. Finally i'm getting off my fat ass and earning some money. I-admin hasn't called me yet so I dun think I got the job, if i did they would have pretty much called me earlier i think. Hopefully i will get to see Harry Potter next week , two friends already said it was a pretty good movie.
Tried to watch the 2nd half of 2001 Space Odyssey but got way too sleepy , i dun think i will ever get the movie !
Arrgh totally forgot to watch Temptation Island, was so engrossed with Silence of the Lambs on Channel I that i forgot.

Friday, November 15, 2002

Missed blogging yesterday ..actually not missed just nothing of note to write about ..went to Parkway Parade with Hafeez to buy his kettle jug thingy, walked ard a bit and came back home ....

Today not much better, just waiting to watch survivor which starts in a while. Gonna head down to library to borrow some ASP books , think im gonna need to learn it cos lots of jobs are asking for it. And maybe XML also ....So bored...hope i-admin calls me soon!

Been listening to a couple of my old CDs (Vitalogy and No Code by Pearl Jam, Color and the Shape by Foo Fighters) last few days, I really need to get one of big CD Racks to hold my CDs, now they are all over my room.

Dun know what is gonna happen between me and a net friend, think she's still pissed at me. I told her she was overreacting and that made her even more pissed. Sometimes it doesn't pay to be honest i tell ya. I mean i already apologized like a million times and she still doesn't wanna talk to me, what else does she want? Maybe its dumb of me to react the way i did , i mean I shouldn't have cared that she still considers a guy that 2-timed her to be sweet and caring and wanted to call him. Or that this same 'sweet and caring' guy was trying to get back together with her just a month back eventhough he IS still with his girlfriend. I guess I just have to learn not to say anything even if i think they are gonna get hurt. It's not like i know her personally!

Wednesday, November 13, 2002

My cousin is going for a vacation in December and he asked my dad whether he could leave his dog here for 3 weeks. My dad said yes as usual. It didn't matter that my cousin has talked to us for like a year before today. Or that I'm probably the one who is gonna have to handle the dogs while he is off to work. Or that the 3 of them will make a hell lot of noise and give the neighbour upstairs another chance to call the cops on us. Some people just dun know how to say NO i guess.
I am in a really irritable mood today, its like male PMS or something !

Tuesday, November 12, 2002

OK so this was how the interview went. Basically he asked me a lot of technical questions that i really couldn't answer cos i couldn't remember! It's been a while. Should have revised beforehand damm ...but overall i did OK. Anyway the job wasn't what i thought it was, as it wasn't a programming job like i expected. Instead i would be like the link between the client and the programmers; I would ask the clients to describe what they want in the system and then design the system and hand it over to the programmers to code.
Pros of the job :
1. I will be able to travel overseas quite often to meet clients. (a huge plus)
2. It's gonna force me to improve my people skills which admittedly are pretty crappy now.
3. The company really seems to be doing very well, so my future prospects look to be really good

1. I wouldn't be learning any new programming skills.
2. I really wanna do programming cos i think i got a flair for it.
3. I have to deal with strangers a lot.

Sigh ....

Oh ya bloody Wei Qin played me out! We were supposed to go see 'The Guru' but he dumped me for a barbecue at his friend's place ...sniff ...

Monday, November 11, 2002

Just got called for the 2nd interview , it's tommorow at 11 am !
Ok I'm back from my interview.
Next time i'm going for an interview im gonna bring a compass or something, its ridiculous how road maps can differ so much from the real thing ! Was wandering around for a good 20 minutes until i finally found the place.
Ok now Abt the interview! Well when i got there i was really pumped cos I was listening to Slipknot on the way there; hey if that CD doesn't get your adrenalin pumping nothing will ! But the interview was really surprising, i wouldn't even call it an interview , more like an evaluation. The 7 of us (1 person didn't turn up) who got called were split into 2 teams and given this question to discuss : If you were stranded in the desert and given a list of items , how would you rank them in order of importance. The items included stuff like a litre of water , matches , mirror etc etc. Well i was pretty vocal the whole time and I also presented my team's findings. And that was the end of the interview! Overall i think i did a pretty good job. Gonna be really disappointed if I'm not called up for a 2nd interview.
Oh ya i was like totally overdressed ; i was the only one wearing a tie out of the 5 guys there . So paiseh ....Anyway the company is a pretty small office and the mood is very casual, i think it would be a pretty cool place to work. But well now jsut wait for his phone call lor...
Kinda pissed at my sis, she keeps forgetting to call Audrey abt the Shangri-la job and i have to like keep reminding her ! I mean if you forgot once its ok lah , but 3 times a little excessive if you ask me.
Now waiting for Lana Lang/Smallville ...hmm is it at 10 or 11 ? Can't remember .....

Sunday, November 10, 2002

Bored people do strange things. I just spend like an hour cataloguing all the CDs i have and transferred them into a webpage. So far i got 108 CDs not including my CDs pre-college (Ace of Base, Mariah Carey) , i thought i had much more.

Also watched the M. Night movie, Unbreakable, on StarMovies couple hours ago and i thought it was pretty engrossing take on the superhero genre but the ending was really abrupt, i think the movie should have played out the conclusion onscreen rather than using the on screen text at the end to wrap up the movie.

Think i might have overreacted a little on the not saying goodbye thingy (see earlier post) but it was the 2nd time it happened to me yesterday and got me really irritated. Seemed to be getting more and more irritable these days ..hmm
OK finally finished writing the email describing my 'soft' skills ; the guy from i-admin asked me to send it to him. So what did I write ? Well a lot of crap that isn't really true, how i'm like ultra friendly, able to multi-task and work well with others, how i like to take initiative in everything I do. Of cos i already thought of fake examples to show them in case he asks me to give examples, which i'm sure he will.

Going to watch Mulholland Drive later, that David Lynch movie, a friend was describing to me how amazing and bizarre it was and i'm really curious about it right now.

I wished people would have the courtesy to at least say bye before they log off during an online conversation, I think it's kinda rude when you are in the middle of an interesting conversation with someone and then they just abruptly disappear. I thought maybe she got dc so i waited for like 5 minutes and then i thought maybe i pissed her off or something. I mean how long does it take to type "Gotta go. goodnight" ?

Now gotta go and prepare for my interview, must think of what I'm gonna say when he asks me to describe myself and all that !

Oh ya was really surprised to hear "Forsaken" from the Queen of the Dammed soundtrack on TV yesterday! It was the background music for the "Who wants to be a Millionaire trailer, pretty weird choice for a gameshow trailer. Anyway It's the best song off the album and I highly recommend the album to anyone who likes dark, gothic sounding haunting music; 5 songs (including Forsaken) are written by Jonathan Davis from Korn specifically for the movie and Linkin Park (I hate them) fans should check out "System" which features Chester on vocals which I have to admit isn't half bad.

Saturday, November 09, 2002

Got a call from this company called i-admin asking me to come down for an interview on monday, Bad news is the pay is a pathetic 1500 a month ! But i got no choice gotta go for it, beggars can't be choosers rite. So if i get it i will be earning 1k less than my friends in NCS...Life so fucking sucks doesn't it !

Other than that a really boring day, watched another ep of six feet under today and the first ep of sex and the city. ( i thought it was sex in the city ). And got this really bad headache that has been going on for 2 whole days, hope it disappears soon enuff; feels like someone drilling a screw into my brain.

Wednesday, November 06, 2002

Woohoo yeah this is my new blog design , thanks to Faith. I saw the one she did for her sister and was pretty impressed so i asked her to help me out and this is the end result ! Sigh if only she wasn't married i would propose to her !

Ok so went for my first jog in months at East Coast with Ben but only jogged like a kilometre before it started to rain. *Bert secretly thanks god* . After that we went to Komala Villas for lunch where i had thosai rava, it was ok but nowhere near as good as the ones at Little India. After that we walked all the way back to his place in which he proceeded to show off his extensive collection of porn in his PC ;) Went back at around 7pm cos he was going to meet his girlfriend.

Arrgh I forgot to watch Charmed today , only managed to catch the last 15 minutes ....but thank god there's still Smallville! My darling Lana Lang ....*swoons*

Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Ok missed blogging yesterday because i was at my sister's place the whole day for Deepavali. Woke up at 5:30 am yesterday cos my mom had to be at my sis's place early to cook her world-famous 'ayam masak merah' which also happens to be my favourite dish. As usual my dad was trying to rush us all along like we were in a damm race or something.

Anyway while i was there something really embarassing happened. The hall was pretty crowded with a lot of her guests so i sat on this old wooden chair. All of a sudden it just broke and i ended up flat on my ass! At least most of the guests tried their best not to laugh though which was really nice of them ....

Dad pissed me off again. Ben called me at 9 am today and i was still asleep. My dad answered the phone and instead of telling him to call back later, he felt the need to wake me up! What's his freaking problem ?

Been thinking of trying to patch up with Sharon. I think we had a really meaningful (net) friendship b4 all that stuff happened and i would hate to see that just disappear without at least trying to save it. But even she doesn't want to, i hope we can at least part amicably cos i think its pointless to hold grudges considering how short life is. And there are also a few things that i really need to tell her also that i didnt before because i didnt wanna complicate matters, but now i just wanna be honest with her. The only thing i'm afraid of is that she would think that i'm doing this cos i wanna go out with her or something which is the last thing on my mind. Anyway she's probably having her exams now so i'm gonna wait until the end of the month cos i really don't wanna risk upsetting her now during this crucial exam period.

Oh yeah saw the funniest website today check the Asian Prince out !

Sunday, November 03, 2002

You know what I really need to stop taking net relationships so seriously. Why the hell should i care if a gal describes a guy who conveniently forgot to to mention to her that he had a gf while he was dating her,and basically treated her like crap , "sweet, caring and really comfortable with himself" ? It's not as if i know her personally or something !

Just got a phone call from my dad :
"Gilbert come up to the 11th floor , LISTEN CAREFULLY , the 11th floor and help me carry some stuff"

Isn't it nice when your dad thinks you are such a fucking moron that he needs to repeat what he's saying and even remind you to listen carefully?

And let's not forget his need to tell me EVERYTIME i take the dogs for a walk where i should walk them ! Can anyone say CONTROL FREAK!

I left a used tissue on the couch by mistake, i was watching tv and i forgot to throw it away b4 i went into my room. My mom then told me about it and i threw it away. But apparently that wasn't enough , she had to complain to my sister about that tissue. And my sister still felt the need to talk to me abt it ! Forget about Six Feet Under, if you wanna see a dysfunctional family just come to my house.

Yeh Li just showed me this website done by this 17 year old guy , and its so good that its fucking depressing! If you wanna see it Click Here. But he digs the same bands as me (Mushroomhead, Korn) so more power to him i say !

I added a little more information about myself and also a link to another blog , Audrey's friend Cheng whom i don't really know personally but her blog is pretty well done (although sometimes I got problem understanding it sometimes but i think thats my problem) and she has commented on my blog a couple of times which is really nice of her.

Saturday, November 02, 2002

Ok just came back from Somerset, went to see Red Dragon with Yeh Li and Jiaqi, it was pretty good movie, very entertaining, way better than the crap that was Hannibal but not as engrossing as Silence of the Lambs. Would have loved to see more of Anthony Hopkins though i think he was rather underused.Oh ya Jiaqi and Yeh Li forgot to pay me for the movie tickets and i also paiseh to ask them for it....Cos i didnt wanna seem too money minded mah ...

Oh ya why are women late for dates/outings so often, its so irritating, Jiaqi and Yeh Li were more than half and hour late ! They should have at least given me an expected time of arrival so at least i would have an idea what time they will reach.

After that we went to Youth Park to see a couple of local bands perform in this band competition. A couple of bands were pretty good, and i really enjoyed their performances but the rest of them were average. And i did come away with a poster of the Foo Fighters they were giving those away. Left around 7pm cos Yeh Li and Jiaqi wanted to go back and i didn' wanna really stay there by myself kinda sian also.

Ok i changed the comment server to Haloscan so all four of you can start commenting again, yeah i know you guys been dying to do it for the past few days. I asked a friend to give me her comment account at YACCS but she refused. Sigh there used to be a time when girls would do anything for the Indian Stallion ....

I'm blasting Marilyn Manson's Antichrist Superstar right now cos I'm alone at home woohoo! Listening to the song Beautiful People right now.
"The beautiful people, the beautiful people, it's all relative to the size of your steeple"
That lyric always cheers me up ...hey wait a minute, by right it shouldn't! : (
Something i can never figure out is how my dogs sleeping in my room aren't disturbed by the music. Dogs are supposed to have a much keener sense of hearing compared to humans right ? So how come the loud music from the Hi-fi doesnt affect them at all? i mean hell my parents complain abt my music everytime! Maybe it shows that dogs can appreciate good music !

I'm heading down to town later to catch the movie Red Dragon with Jiaqi and Yeh Li cos bloody Ivan cancelled at the last minute. HE says he hasn't slept in the last 5 days and some other crap like that. Like I care !
Dun you just hate it when a joke backfires in your face?

I send out this joke sms last night that said that i was in the hospital , but if you scroll down the message you will realise its just a prank. But most of the people i send to didnt scroll so they really thought i was in hospital and sms me back which i thought was pretty funny. (Hey i'm bored and unemployed ok, everything seems funny to me ). Then an hour ago while i was sleeping in bed (and i think i was dreaming abt me and Uma Thurman doing something fun) , and my friend who just came back from Paris called me up because she thought the sms was real. Well now i can't go back to sleep : ( . Yeah she's an air stewardess with SIA so she flies to all these exotic locations every week. Sigh makes me wish i was an air stewardess also...

I hate it when i see people unhappy, for some reason it really bothers me. And its even worse when i can't do anything to cheer the person up and most of the time i can't, guess i just dun have the knack for it.

The damm enetation server has been down for like 3 days now, and i think im gonna look for another one to host my comments. But can't blame the enetation creater also , he is only 1 guy running the whole thing and the problem is there are too many members then his server is able to handle. I checked out the forum and there are a lot of complaints about the server crashing so often and it sounds like he is gonna quit pretty soon.

Friday, November 01, 2002

Hmm i think i should take a notebook with me when i go out, there was so many things that i thought of when i was out and was gonna write them down here, but now i can only remember 1.

Well here goes : At the train station there were this students who were taking donations for a particular charity, and a lot of people just rushed past ignoring them. And I seen this happen like my whole life, but only today it really bothered me. Are people now so busy that they can't even stop for a couple of secs and donate some coins to charity ? And yes i know it sounds a little self-righteous but thats what i feel

Met wee at Sim Lim Square where i bought 50 CD-Rs for 30 bucks to burn all my eps of Six Feet Under its really taking a chunk out of my HD space. And then i as i walked around i saw another shop selling 50 CDRs for 20 bucks dammit. After that went to BK where i had a whopper meal and was given an EXTRA packet of fries by mistake. Yes finally i catch a lucky break in my life ! The world seems so much brighter now !

Thursday, October 31, 2002

A friend of mine failed her driving test today and she seems really upset over it. She was saying how nothing seemed to go right for her and i can really relate to that; thats what i was feeling a week ago. Anyway because of my 'honesty first' phase right now i think i kinda made her feel worse damm someone warned me it would backfire on me but i wouldn't listen. I think when pple are depressed abt something they would rather hear consoling words than honest words.
Was reading the classifieds today and there was this letter in the forum sent in by this Malay gal complaining about her frustration in getting a job because so many of them required Mandarin, and she basically called it subtle discrimination. Well I have been complaining to everyone about this for a few months now and i know how she feels but hey thats how the world works. Ya it fucking sucks but there is nothing you can do about it. Her letter is not going to like change that.

Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Got this really weird letter from the army. It basically said that I have been posted to the G2 Branch of HQ 9DIV as an "Interrogator classified under Interrogation Cell" and that I have to attend this 'MI Course' on the 28th of April. Ya i got no idea what the hell it means either.

Met up with Wee at Bedok today, i was so tempted to tell him how much i hated the fact that he got into NCS but not me, but manage to supress it though. We talked for like an hour and a half and he drove me back home, sweet fellow...

Got an email from Roxy today, man its been so long since i talked to her so i was really glad that she emailed me. Haven't seen her online for such a long time that i was actually getting worried that something was wrong and was thinking of emailing her. It's pretty scary when you got no idea what happened to a net friend you have known for a while.

Lana Lang from Smallville is such a babe, I think it's her eyes, they just drive me wild !
I don't know why i get so serious and uptight when it comes to net conversations. Yesterday i finally confessed to a net friend that i didnt like the fact that she kept replying to my messages with frivolous messages like ":)" or "hehe" and that i didn't like it because it made the conversations feel very one sided (as i was doing all the talking) and that i would rather hear her thoughts and opinions on what i say. I hope she wasn't too offended about it but i think she was. Oh well...

Another thing that I really dislike is people who take too long to reply. Ya i know its weird but it pisses me off. And i also get irritated when pple just go offline without giving me a chance to say bye. For me a net conversation is no different from a phone conversation. On the phone you say "bye" and wait for the other person to say "bye" before you hang up. But some of my net friends just say bye and go offline without giving me a chance to say bye as well. I mean it's like they are in such a rush that they can't even wait an extra minute for me to reply, whats up with that !. Ya i know i'm probably being a little too weird about this but i can't help it, thats how i feel.

I think the reason why i'm so uptight about net conversations is probably cos , as sad as it sounds, the only social interaction that i have right now. My social life is practically non-existent right now and its been even worse since i graduated. When i was studying i was too busy with school work and all that to really think abt my lack of a social life. But now that i got so much time on my hands, i realise how lonely my life is right now. And i also realised that i have not felt happy in a really long time, but i was too busy with school and stuff to realise it before.
A net friend told me something that was really private today. And as much as i appreciated the fact that she trusted me with that thing and i know i wouldn't betray her trust, i think it was kind of risky to do that cos the person who you know online might not be the real deal, like he/she might not be as trustworthy as you think he/she is and it would be really bad if he or she betrays that trust. As much as we would want to believe it, not everyone we meet are good people.

A few days ago i came to the realization that i read too much into my friendship with Sharon than I ought to have. She was treating me just as a casual friend but i was thinking we were closer than that and that was how all the problems started. I guess I felt that way because she was telling me some really personal problems that she was having at that time so i believed that she was telling them to me because she felt a connection to me. But now i realise that she did that cos its much easier to tell someone online your personal problems as compared to someone that you know in real life. Maybe its because a real friend has a much greater potential to hurt you with that knowledge compared to a net friend.

It's 2:35 AM now and i think i'm gonna go to sleep.
Ok so i told the online friend that she is the one i wanted to go out with, and i think she was taken aback a little. Anyway i hope she doesn't take it too seriously, i mean its not like I'm looking for a gf or a relationship cos thats the last thing that i want right now, all i wanna do is go out and hopefully have a good time. I really hope things dun go weird between us because of this cos it would really really suck if it did.

Just saw Boston Public at an ungodly hour of 12:30 and well it was kinda boring not really memorable. I thot the whole class project involving the students suing Lipsihtz was kinda silly and not really believable, despite my lack of knowledge of the American judicial system i dun believe such a thing would be possible in real life. I think the series should just focus on real life social issues that are more believable.

It's 2:14 AM now and i think i'm gonna go to sleep.

Tuesday, October 29, 2002

Just came back from Somerset, but the control they gave me was a different model from the one that i gave them and i forgot to check when i got it , fuck i hope it works cos i definitely do not wanna go down all the way back there again.

But it was a rather interesting trip, at least more interesting than i thought, at the mrt station there were these 2 old ladies who were heading towards the escalator that is going upwards towards the train and for some weird reason they were changed their mind and headed towards the escalator that is going downwards from the train which of cos they couldnt take,and then they came back to the escalator heading upwards again and took it. Please God kill me b4 i start doing senile stuff like that !

While waiting for the train, I sat beside a man who lifted his foot from his sandal and playing around with it , i''m serious ! It seems like he was like digging under his toenails for dirt or something it was just so damm gross ! Damm there's weird people everywhere!

Then in the train as i was sitting down this Indian gal sitting opposite of me started staring at me and i was like wondering why the hell she was doing that, i thought she was checking me out which would be probably the first time a gal ever did that to me! But then i realised that she did seem somewhat familiar but i just couldn't remember who she was. Finally it came to me that she was my distant cousin that i haven't seen in like god knows how many years . Anyway i went over and said hi and it was kinda nice you know, i mean talking to a member of the opp. sex after such a long time in captivity (i mean my home). But then i had to get off cos it was my stop and didn't have time to get her handphone number.

I been wanting to go out with this net friend of mine cos we been talking for quite a few months now and i think we get along pretty well so maybe we could like go out for a movie or something. But the problem is i already asked her once and got rejected so there is no way in hell im gonna ask her again. Anyway in my opinion i dun see whats the big deal cos in the worst case scenario if the date goes really badly we can always just laugh abt it online the next day rite , and if it goes well then we have fun. Oh well....
Murphy's Law : Things only get lost when you are looking for them.

I can't find the paper with the damm address of the cable service centre that i have to go down to change the spoilt remote even though i saw it last night. Gonna have to call them AGAIN.
Faith just told me my latest entries in my blog were written in a rambling style and kinda spooky, lol ! Well like i told her , I suddenly just feel the need to write down all my thoughts, uncut and uncensored, dun ask me why i also dun know! I don't know how long i'm gonna do this so to the people who do read this blog (yes all 4 of you), just hang on for the ride ! BTW think i shall change the description of my blog to "Ramblings of a bondafide madman" ..I dun know what the hell bonafide means but it sure does sound cool doesn't it ! : )
I was reading Audrey's new blog yesterday and got the shock of my life when she mentioned that my blog was really funny ! LMAO
That would be like the last word i would use to describe my blog .....But she seems like a pretty cool and fun gal, and those pictures she gave me of her and her cousins in the changing room were pretty cool..And nope i know what you guys are thinking, they were all fully clothed. : (

Woke up this morning to the loud din of my mom's voice complaining to my dad abt something i dun quite remember, its amazing that im in my room and shes in the kitchen and i still can hear her thats how loud her voice is. I think its a trait of older Indian women...Even in the tamil movies those Indian women talk so fucking loud that i just have to switch to another channel.

Gotta go down later to Somerset to change the remote control for my auntie's cable TV. I kept putting it off cos its damm fucking far you know and its kinda dumb just going down to town just to change a stupid remote control, i was waiting for a day where I was going there to watch a movie but then my dad started giving me the speech abt how our auntie helped us so much in the past and how we should be grateful and all that and i just started getting really sleepy so I just cut him off and told him i will be going today. Heh he was kinda pissed abt me cutting him off but he didnt say anything cos well i agreed to do what he said rite !

Read the funniest thing in today's newspaper. The PAS, which is the ruling party in the state of Kelantan are thinking of relaxing polygamy rules in the state because get this , "to solve the problem of single mothers " and that this women need "companionship and love" !! LOL Oh god have you heard anything more sexist in your life ? And of course this has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that 2 state ministers were caught practicing polygamy illegally in the state recently. And then they try to justify it by saying they will whip any person who like abuses the law for the purposes of lust! Like HELLO what other reason do you think they will do it for ? Cos they really wanna help with the problem of single mothers in the state? YA right and im not handsome !

Listening to Beck's Odelay right now, I think its like probably like the hippest record i got in my collection, makes me shake my body uncontrollably whenever i listen to it and now i got it turned it up all the way to 12 on my hi-fi which believe me is damm fucking loud. Ahh the things you can do when you parents aren't around ....

Two of my friends just got into NCS (national computer systems) and im really happy for them..NOT! Fuck I'm better than them when it comes to programming skill, they know it and I know it and it pisses me off that they got in while i didnt even get a call to come down for a bloody interview! Yeah i know how un-PC it sounds ok but thats what im feeling rite now so screw PCness !
Ok got to head down to somerset now to get that stupid remote control now !

Monday, October 28, 2002

Ok just came back from the library at tampines. Went there to relax but instead (like everything else in my life right now) the exact opposite happen . So i was at the library looking for this book by Neil Gaiman which Di recommended called Coraline but when I got there i couldnt find the piece of paper which i wrote the name of the author so i had to sms her and get it from her ...ok so small glitch , then when i finally found the section where his books were, i couldnt find it! crap when i checked at home at the library website there were 3 available copies ! Anyway i looked around for like 20 minutes or so and finally gave up and just borrowed another book by him called smoke and mirrors and looked for another book to borrow. And then this pair of secondary students sitting on the floor in between the bookshelves basically blocking the already narrow aisle and that really pissed me off, i was thinking "why dun you move fucking further apart so that u block more of the aisle and no one can walk in at all?" Anyway i just stood there and stared at them and i guess they got the hint cos they stood up and got out of there.
Oh yeah and then there was this group of secondary school gals who were like giggling the whole time in the library which even pissed me off more. Fuck, what is it with secondary school gals and giggling , why is everything so damm funny to them, i mean do you see secondary school guys grouping together and giggling like a bunch of idiots, i dun think so!

And then comes this announcement over the library PA that the library is closing at 5 pm and im like totally confused, what the hell i just got here 1/2 an hr ago!! Can't they just standardise the closing times for all the different library branches instead of confusing us like that by having different closing times for different branches !! Anyway i borrowed a flash/dreamweaver and a C++ book and got out of there and headed back home.

And then on the MRT i had the damm good luck of sitting beside a boy who, in my humble opinion, should have been born a monkey cos he couldnt stop swinging on those handrails on the train and making really dumb ass irritating noises that were really driving me crazy. And his bloody parents encouraged him even more !!! I was honestly praying to God that the little monkey would fall and hit his head and start crying cos if that had happened i would have laughed my ass off i tell ya!
But as usual i didnt get what i want.
Jiaqi asked me to go to a Halloween party on thursday..now the only problem is finding a party to go to, i mean there has to be some club in town that is holding one of those right.... yeah i know i hate clubbing but i think just need one night to like totally go crazy and wild , besides if im wearing a costume dun need to worry abt making a fool of myself cos no one would regconize me ...who knows i might even get some ..ya ok maybe i should like get back to reality now.

Just download Coldplay's new album and listening to it, its pretty good so far gotta give it a few more spins, but it just reminds me of Radiohead's Bends a little too much , you know the acoustic guitar, the falsetto lead voice basically everything!
Saw the Crossroads ep. of 6 Feet Under and got like a huge shock of my life. I was still getting used to seeing the lead actor kissing another guy in the past episodes and suddenly i get hit with male FULL FRONTAL NUDITY. And we are not talking abt like 1sec it was like 20 secs or something cos he was talking to Nate in that naked state. Sheesh you hardly see full frontal in movies nowdays so i hardly expected it in a tv series. And also it made me feel kinda inadequate : ( ...nah im kidding !
but its too bad the lead actor (whats his name again) broke up with Keith, he was quite a nice guy and pretty good looking also ....hmm i think i better stop now im kinda scaring myself !
Oh i talked to my friend and he told me he only paid 300++ for his graduation studio pictures. I paid ard 1k. Can anyone say RIPPED OFF . Well they did provide really good service for me like buying packet drinks for me and holding open the door as i left the studio so that accounts for a little of the 700 dollars difference .... *Bert trying to justify the cost*

Got into an argument with my dad just now, he keeps telling me to go sign up for the driving lessons but the fucking problem is we dun have enough money! I already told him it will cost around 2k which i know he doesnt have but he keeps telling me to find out if i can pay like per lesson. Either way it costs ard 2k what so whats the fucking diff ! If you dun have the money you dun have the money ....Anyway im not gonna argue with him im gonna go down later and just get all the info from Ubi Driving Centre then just let him do what the hell he wants.

Sunday, October 27, 2002

I'm so in love with Six Feet Under, probably one of the best series I can remember watching in recent years. It just keeps getting better and better with each episode and keeps turning out surprises when you least expect it, will not go into details cos I don't wanna give anything away. I just finished watching the 6th episode and now dl the 7th. At this rate i'm probably gonna finish the whole series by the end of the week. For those who do not know the series is about a family who runs a mourtuary home, and tthe head of the household the father passed away recently and about the remaining members trying to get on with their lives. Its like totally funny at times and yet can be really sad and poignant at others. The characters lead pretty dsyfunctional lives but i can really relate to them.

Saturday, October 26, 2002

Ben just told me he got a new girlfriend, and its obvious how happy he is right now. I'm really happy for him but have to admit I'm a bit envious. Not because I dun have a girlfriend, but because i haven't felt happy in a really long time. The last time i can remember feeling that way was when I was with her. I really miss that feeling.

In the last week i broke down and cried twice, and the worst thing is I dun even know why i did. Am i losing my mind? Maybe its because of her, maybe its because im no closer to getting a job now then when i first started looking and i dun know why that is. I have no idea. But I've been feeling this sense of hopelessness that I just can't shake off. I just dun know whats my purpose in life anymore.

Thursday, October 17, 2002

Ok haven't really updated my blog in a while so i better get right to it!

SO what did I do today ...hmm ya almost got into a car accident thats what , thanks to Hafeez! I dun have a licence but this was the scenario: He was going to turn left into a carpark but there was a bus at the bus stop just b4 the carpark so he just went to the 2nd lane and turned into the carpark from the 2nd lane. At the same time he turned the bus started to move off and it almost hit us as we turned into the carpark , he did signal but i dun know he didnt slow down or anything , so who's fault was it ? Anyway it was kinda scary...

Anyway we went to Daud after that to have dinner, i ordered a mee goreng and teh tarik , he a really expensive plate of nasi lemak considering the pathetic chicken wing he got with it , it looked more like a chick than a chicken i tell ya ! After that we went to Bedok Interchange where we walked for a while and went back home , sigh i wish they do something to Bedok Central like add a ferris wheel or something its so damm boring!

(Slightly) Funny thing i was on my way to the bus stop but changed my mind and decided to walk home instead , it was like a good 20 minutes and when i got home i was sweating like a pig..I think when you are really bored you just try to do stuff to occupy your time. Anyway its good exercise right ?

Shynn from the job agency called me and told me i might get this temp job doing database admin at this american firm at a fucking pathetic 6 bucks an hr ...but i can't be choosy, need something IT-related that I can put on my resume. Gonna apply for this company called Crimson Logic tommorow , they got a vacancy for Java Developer which would be the perfect job for me cos i love programming in Java! Hope they grant me an interview...

Thursday, October 10, 2002

Went for an interview yesterday for this 1 1/2 month job and the interview didnt go too well, i know i probably not going to get the job. Anyway it kind of sucks cos just found out that a few friends of mine just got jobs already sigh ..happt for them but also feeling kinda sad that i'm still no where near to getting one myself. Wonder how long this is going to last ....

Played basketball with my friend in the afternoon today for like 20 minutes and after that we were sweating like pigs ! oops i mean perspiring ..now my muscles are aching like crazy . But it was good to get off my butt and do some real exercise after like so many months of inactivity and We are gonna play tommorow morning also ! But we were interuppted by a group of mats who took over the court to play soccer. I wanted to tell those assholes off , i mean its a basketball court not a soccer court ! anyway sam said we should just leave but it really pissed me off !

Getting kind of frustrated with my hi fi cos i think the lens is dirty or something it keeps skipping no matter what disc i play. Have to go down to Bedok and get the lens cleaner thingy asap before i go crazy !

Tuesday, October 08, 2002

Wow i checked out Di's blog and was kinda shocked to see her recommending my blog ! eh Di i was kidding when i said highlight my website leh , a link can already what ! : ) And she called me a music geek , i mean the Indian Stallion is no geek ok, im way cool, if i was any cooler people would be calling me Vanilla Ice, thats how cool i am. I much prefer the term music connesisr..ah screw it dun know how to spell that word , you know the word they used to call the wine experts !

Playlist for Today
Kid A by Radiohead (go listen to Idioteque ! you will love it !)
Ok Computer by Radiohead
Aenima by Tool
The Battle of Los Angeles by Rage Against the Machine

my fav lyric of today :

i wish that they'd swoop down in a country lane
late at night when im driving
take me on board their beautiful ship
show me the world ...as i'd love to see it
i'd tell all my friends but they'd never believe me
they'd think that i'd finally lost it completely
i'd show them the stars and the meaning of life
they'd shut me away but i'd be alright
i'm just up-tight
Subterranean Homesick Alien by Radiohead

ok maybe i am a music geek .....
Went to the photo studio with my sister today to choose my graduation pictures. Well she did most of the choosing , i mean for me all the picture frames look the same ! anyway after that we went to Mos burger to have dinner. I was talking to her about Sharon , well she brought it up cos i told her abt Sharon the first time we were going out, so she was wondering how things were between me and her . Anyway next thing i know i was telling her everything that happened , i guess it was just something i needed to just tell someone. And i'm glad i did cos she really made me feel better, and for the first time i feel like im ready to put all the stuff that happened behind me.

Sunday, October 06, 2002

Some days i wonder why i was born an Indian ...today was one such day.
My parents and my two aunts are sitting in the hall watch this tamil variety show. So i sit down and watch with them out of courtesy lah. I''m watching the show and i'm trying to figure out whats so interesting about it. In the show its basically local Indian stars dancing and lip-synching to songs from the tamil movies , or else they themselves would be singing the songs, like karaoke. And I'm thinking to myself why would anyone wanna see something like that ? Really dun understand ...sigh
Ok sigh boring weekend so far , just spend most of my time playing Neverwinter Nights, damm dun u just hate it when they make a game so good you cant help wasting your life on it ...but learn quite a lot of things applicable in real life from this game for e.g. do not accept sexual favors from women in return for sparing their lives ! ok maybe not that applicable in real life but you never know...
Was going to go to the library today to borrow a good fantasy book so i was online looking for some recommendations but all of them were on loan or not at Bedok Library ..damm Bedok Library really sucks i tell ya....
Hopefully i get to watch 2001 Space Odyssey later , if i dun get asked to do any housework by my parents ...supposed to be a classic or something ...just hope there's going to some scary aliens and bloody space battles in it ..nah just kidding Di ! ;)
Oh yeah also got Billy Elliot on StarMovies at 9 pm , sounds like an interesting story , a boy who rather do ballet than boxing but only thing abt brit movies is sometimes i got a really hard time understanding their accent though .

Friday, October 04, 2002

Went to Serangoon Broadway Photo Studio today, kinda pissed with them cos they told me that they would give those pictures that i didn't choose to develop, to their lab and ultimately it would be destroyed. So i asked them if they could give me the negatives and they said no. Talk abt doing anything to make a profit , well seriously have to thank my dad for this ...He was the one who was like rushing me to find a photo studio the night before so i just choose a random one and now seems like it turns out to be a wrong one. At least if i had more time i could ask my friends who already graduated for recommendations ..Oh well no point regretting now ...I just wish he stops doing that, dun know why he has this need to do everything in the fastest possible time even when its not necessary , its really irritating sometimes.
Oh yeah on the way there on the bus i was listening to Tool's Aenima and got so caught up in it i began singing along (oops!) and the auntie beside me started looking me in fear like i was some psycho or something. Oh well not the first time a woman thot i was a psycho anyway.

"He had a lot to say. He had a lot of nothing to say. We'll miss him. So long. We wish you well. You told us how you weren't afraid to die. Well then, so long. Don't cry. Or feel too down. Not all martyrs see divinity. But at least you tried."
- Eulogy by Tool

Thursday, October 03, 2002

Dreamed I was a fireman.
I just smoked and watched you burn.
Dreamed I was an astronaut.
I shot you down like a juggernaut.
Dreamed we were still going out.
Had that one a few times now.
Woke up to find we were not.
It's good to be awake.
Dreamed I was a tidal wave
I ravaged your coast, there were no survivors.
Dreamed I was your landlord.
I showed you place when you had lovers.
If I was a vampire,
I wouldn't suck your blood.
Then I dreamed I was you.
Sweetest dream I have had.
If you could hear the dreams I've had, my dear,
They would give you nightmares for a week.
But you're not here and I can never sleep.
Come home so I can be a creep.

Wednesday, October 02, 2002

God i hate conversations where the gal just says like 3 -4 words at the most each time and expect the guys to come up with the conversation topic each time ! Just happened to me just now and it really pisses me off !
Haha even in games i cant get laid! Been playing this game, Neverwinter Nights, and today this female convict i was hunting offered to sleep with me if i spare her life , so i RELUCTANTLY accepted. (hey i was playing an evil character ok i had no choice !) as soon as i got my kit off the bitch stabbed me ! Yes I know how pathetic it sounds so pls dun comment abt that thank you!

Met a really annoying catholic yesterday, you know the type who thinks they have to tell how great their religion is to anyone who isnt a Catholic. I tried to steer the conversation to something non-religious but it was really futile. I talked abt Lord Of the Rings and she's like "Tolkien is a Catholic and he was really happy when his son became a priest" ..and im thinking should i say something like 'Praise the Lord' ...Then she was like preaching abt true happiness and like theres many kinds of happiness and by that time it was like 3 am so i just said gdnite and went to sleep ...

Sunday, September 29, 2002

Just Saw the sadddest movie i seen in a while ...Its Dancer in the Dark starring one of my fav musicians bjork.Thanks to my recently acquired broadband connection i manage to dl it although it took me like a week! anyway the wait was well worth it cos the movie is really something, bjork plays this factory worker from czechklosvakia who is losing her sight , its hereditary , so shes saving up money for an operation for her son so that he wun go blind as well. To escape this grim reality she daydreams that she is in a musical becos like she says , "nothing bad happens in a musical". halfway during the movie a quick succession of tragedies occur and her life rapidly takes a turn for the worse and her daydreams become more and more frequent cos thats the only way she can cope with them. The ending is really tragic and I couldnt help letting out a tear or two , it was just that painful to watch. I read that when this picture was awarded Best Picture at 2000 Cannes festival (Bjork got Best Actress) there were people who booed and jeered , cant really understand why !
I downloaded A Clockwork Orange yesterday gonna watch it later .....well nothing else to do also ......

Monday, September 23, 2002

How can a gal who once made me as happy as i can remember, now can cause me such misery and pain? There was a time not too long ago when i couldnt wait to see or talk to her, i thought abt her all the time. Now all she seems to do is put me down , tell me how irritating i am or how sick she is of me .....I wish i never met her ....But anyway she is out of my life for good now , and vice versa. Only thing i have left of her is the book she lend me, its gonna be a painful reminder of what i went thro with her everytime i look at it.

Saturday, September 14, 2002

Damm Man Utd lost again ! wtf man they are playing like crap and I almost cried when i saw Barthez flapping his arms like a dying bird trying to get to a cross , he is really out of form rite now. and the rest arent really much better , every promising attack broke up in the final third of the field and bloody nisterooy is like a big baby who keeps complaining to the referee everytime he falls to the ground, i mean get with the game man ! Hope Fergurson does something really soon or we might see the team failing to even get a top 3 position.
So had a pretty cool birthday yesterday, wati took me out for a nice dinner at delifrance and to watch Road to Perdition. And she even bought me a beautiful pen shes such a sweet person ! The movie was excellent, and it was really refreshing to see Tom Hanks take on a role of someone who is so bent on revenge that he doesnt care who he kills to get it, there was one scene where i was pretty sure he wouldnt kill the guy so i was kinda surprised when he did. However , i still prefer his previous feature American Beauty which i watched a few days ago, it was really funny and also every character in the movie was really engrossing to watch with their own little quirks.

Friday, September 13, 2002

This is my new blogchalk:
Singapore, Singapore, Chai Chee, English, Gilbert, Male, 21-25, Metal/Indie Music, Movies. :)
Yesterday was my convocation , and it was pretty cool , i thought i looked pretty cute in my pretty convocation gown ! Took loads of pictures , ok not loads around 20+ pics with my friends and my parents. And I wanted to take this picture with this cute gal that i had a crush on couple years back but unfortuantely she kinda asked my other friend to join us i the pic damm ! oh well no worries i will just have to cut him out of the pic after i develop it *snicker* ....But i was really stressed the day b4 cos i couldnt find the damm convocation tickets and i was like turning the house upside down looking for them. Luckily i realised i left it at my sis's place so had to travel all the way there and back to get them ,took me like 3 hours ...sigh i dun know why i always do stuff at the last minute. And then i found out my mom forgot to sow the hooks on my gown and that got me even more stressed out cos i asked her to do it like 2 days ago ....Fortunately everything turned out fine in the end

Ok today is my bday , yup im 24 ...24 that seems so old yet i still feel like im 18 or something ......I mean i still wear the same type of clothes i did when i was 18 , ok maybe they are more tasteful now but still ard the same. No big plans for today , just gonna see Road to Perdition later with a gal friend of mine, heard its a great movie but damm couldnt they have chosen a better movie title or something ?
I downloaded and watched american beauty at ard 1 am in the morning and i loved it ! It was so engrossing and Kevin Spacey was really awesome as this burnt out 40 something husband guy with a really dsyfunctional family , his wife is so driven by success and material things that she totally ignores her family , and the daughter is so embarassed by him and his wife that she starts having a relationship with her creepy neighbour who films her every move...only complain i had was that spacey kind of gives away at the beginning of the movie that he was going to die , the ending would have been much more dramatic if i didnt know that.

Monday, September 09, 2002

Monday morning and i had to go to the hospital for my skin problem. Got totally ripped off they took skin samples and did tests and all that crap and then came to the conclusion that i had dry skin and send me home packing with 2 jars of moisturers, what a total rip off cos it cost me $150 altogether.
Other than that it was a pretty uneventful day, came back home and played CM for the whole afternoon, checked on my online job sites for any job vacancies but still no luck. Sigh i wonder how long its gonna take its been like 3 months already and i feel guilty sucking my parents dry of their money. Just my luck that i had to graduate from university in the middle of our country's worst economic recession, or at least the worst that I can remember.
Oh yeah downloaded another couple of tracks from the Queens of the Stone Age's new album Songs for the Deaf, this is really amazing stuff, best music i have heard this year. Hope to get my hands on the CD soon so i can play it on my hi-fi, listening to it on the computer just ain't the same thing. btw an interesting fact abt the Queens is that Dave Grohl is their new drummer and he does an awesome job. I never thot i would be into this kind of classic rock stuff but i guess im just really sick of nu metal rite now , most of the bands out now sound so generic and lacking any sort of passion in the music they play. Except Korn though, Untouchables rules !!! But Linkin Park, Limp Biskit and all that other crap i just hope they die out soon.

Albums I listened to today on my hi-fi:

1. Toxicity by System of a Down

2. Untouchables by Korn

3. Sources Codes and Tags by Trail of Dead

4. XX by Mushroomhead

5. Is This It by the Strokes

Saturday, September 07, 2002

Ok it has been a pretty interesting week.....nope actually it was really crappy. The first gal i ever met off the net basically told me i creeped her out; yeah life doesn't get any better than that does it. Apparently i was invading her personal space and our meetings were very 'unnatural' and she said i assumed that she wanted to be friends in real life as well when she actually didnt.
Well here is the thing, after we met for the first time, i wasn't going to ask her or anything cos i thot it went pretty badly, She was the one who called me and asked me to go out with her again; so im kinda confused - if she just wanted to be online friends why the hell did she ask me out again ? and also why did she meet me again for breakfast after that? and also the last time we met she actually was suggesting going to play badminton; if it was that unnatural why would she even do that it just doesnt make any sense and yeah its been picking on my brain the last week. But I do not want to ask her about it cos it would probably make things weirder than they are.
But cant help having this feeling of regret cos i really liked her, she was this gal who went thro and still going thro a lot of crap in her life and is now a lot stronger for it, shes totally supporting herself eventhough shes studying which is much more than what i can say for my unemployed ass, and also a really kind gal who cares for others, i mean when she spend like 30 bucks on a birthday present for the kid she was giving tuition to, i was really impressed, it's probably something that i would never do. Basically she made me want to be a better person. Oh well thats life ain't it, just full of weirdos(i mean me) and disappointments

Friday, August 02, 2002

Ok today is going to be a pretty boring day..im still reinstalling all my software on my new hard disk which the dell fellow gave on tuesday....and for some reason while im doing that im listening to Coldplay's Troubles again and again and again ....Dun know why i love this song so much cos they basically ripped off Radiohead's sound but hell yeah i love it........Went out with Ivan to the gym yesterday and a movie afterwards.... Saw a pretty hot looking gal in the gym there that made me work out that much harder but now im feeling the pain and kinda regretting it :( after that went to watch Bend It Like Beckham , pretty funny movie but the shittiest thing happened while we were watching the show this kid sneaked up to our row peeked at us and went back to his friends and they all started giggling like the idiots they were .....anyway they were sec school kids so i figured no point confronting them .....but it really pissed me off .ok later i got to go sign up for my advanced thery test but just damm lazy to go cos no one is at home so just feel like lazing ard at home with no one to nag at me ........oh well maybe i will go to the library instead much nearer ...see how lah .......damm i got to stop typing "......" ......ok thats all i got to say now .......